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Tips To Save Money On Concerts , Sports And Theater Tickets

Concerts, sports and theater helps us to boost our mood. In today’s world we all have too much to do and too much pressure. On every weekend we think to go out for a movie or for a concert. Then we start thinking how much it will cost to us or how can we save money on buying tickets. So, today you’ll gonna learn how to save money $$$ on tickets.


Sit near the back

You won’t have the best view, but you’ll still hear the music and the thing which matters is our enjoyment. In general, a seat beyond back costs less than sitting in the first row. So you should take a look at the price for back seats before you glance out for the first row.


Buy the concert tickets from reseller

There are two ways to buy concert tickets- the primary and the secondary ways. When you buy on the primary way, then it means you’re purchasing from the source - the ticket box office, the venue’s website and primary authorized dealers.


The secondary way consists of resellers - secondary ticket websites, search engines and scalpers. Secondary resellers are not expensive as compared to primary one. According to sonicseats, secondary resellers are the same or less expensive 40 percent of the time.

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Wait till the last moment

If you want cheapest concert tickets then wait till the last moment.There are numerous reasons for this -


The ticket price drops as the event approaches near. So waiting till the last moment is very benifical.

Be patient while buying the tickets for pop artists as their concerts tend to have high ticket prices when they first hit the resale market, but drop as the event approaches.


If you can attend a performance on a whim — or prices are too high ahead of time — check ticket marketplace websites and online apps leading up to the show to see whether sellers are unloading tickets at less price or not.

The same is applicable for sports tickets and theater tickets also.

Skip town

Ticket prices vary depending on the location of the concert — even for the same artist and the same tour. Compare the prices at different concert venues to find lower prices. And move to that venue which costs less


Earn cash back

Use cash-back websites like ubucks, Ebates etc where you can earn money on purchases at select ticketing websites.


Go solo

Let’s us take an example suppose someone buys the tickets in threes or fours and have one friend who can’t make it, and they’re trying to sell that one ticket. They are finding hard to find someone who’s willing to go to a show as a single guest that often you can find single-price tickets at lower prices. So when you are searching resale options, you’ll generally see better deals on single tickets. So one should go for it.


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